Posted by: arrogantscientist | December 30, 2008

This Blog

I’m not a big blogging person, but thought I’d give it a go anyway.

As far as I can see, it’s not worth starting a blog if all you have to offer is opinions. People generally aren’t interested in each other’s, so I’ll do my best to limit most of my posts to “original” content.

There are two sources of original content I can offer. Hardcore Drosophila genetics and light-microscope imagery.  I guess the latter is probably of more interest to a general/general scientific audience, but some of the former may be of interest to anyone getting started in the field. Genetics is a complicated and esoteric language to learn, and I am familiar with some of the obstacles, so whenever I put anything up about it, it will be aimed at beginners.



  1. Light Microscope Imagery sounds wonderfully scientific, if the photo of that spider is anything to go by, I’ll definitly be back for a look!!

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