Posted by: arrogantscientist | May 13, 2009

“Kingdom phylum order, but I got no class” – Science music

puzzledponderer posted today on songs about science, which has inspired me to post my favourites. I agree that watching scientists sing is usually a pretty bloody painful experience, but there are songs out there performed by musicians and comedians that do a much better job of promoting science. Here are my four favourites, in reverse order:

4. The Large Hadron Collider Rap

Admittedly full of scientists embarrassing themselves, but still excellent.

3. Hard ‘n Phirm – Trace Elements

The perfect mix of science, comedy and country music.

2. Tim Minchin – Storm

Technically a “beat poem” and strictly more about rational thought destroying the stereotypical strawman, but the guy’s a genius.

1. The Portal Song

I suspect this song will be more well known by younger geeks, as it’s from a computer game. When you first hear this song in context at the end of Portal it’s an absolute delight that will put a grin across your face that will last until long after the song has ended. If you think you’re ever likely to play the game, don’t listen to it now if you haven’t heard it before, it’s not a spoiler, just an exceptionally rare experience that should be savoured.



  1. Yes – maybe it’s just not the scientists who should try to make science songs. If I send this around at work tomorrow, I can restore my colleague’s faith in science songs. 🙂

    And I love “Storm” by Tim Minchin, too (it inspired a recent post).

  2. […] arrogant scientist wrote a nice response to this: Some science songs that are actually a nice view (and, […]

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